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This is the map of the Rome's region, called Lazio in Italian, and Latium in Latin. It borders with several other Italian regions: Tuscany and Umbria (North), Abruzzi (East), Molise and Campania (South). The name originates from Latin "Latum", meaning "wide", yet it is not the largest Italian region (the largest are the islands Sicily and Sardinia), nor the most populated (Lombardy, with Milan as regional capital, has nearly twice as much population). Lazio includes five provinces: Frosinone, Latina, Viterbo, Rieti, and finally Rome, which overshadows all the others by all means. Every year more than 6 million tourists visit Rome, which also has 700,000 non Italian residents, while there are only 3 million local inhabitants.  Rome is the capital of the region, and of course of Italy. With its 3,000 years of historical legacy in any field, especially in architecture, works of art, it is Italy's capital also of the travel, tourist and lodging industry.

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